Letter from our CEO

Dear Customers,

This is Cardi, CEO of XPRIT INC.
We are an import company located in Montclair, California. Our main category is electric mobility devices. But for the health and safety of people living in the United States, we have started to import masks at this critical moment. The reason why we are importing mask is that we think some people still need it even though mainstream media are saying health people do not need to wear a mask in public. Looking at people in Asia, one of the main reasons the epidemic was successfully controlled in their countries was that people wore masks whenever they came out to the public. There is no doubt sanitizing and social distancing are necessary. But we should also know that wearing mask will also be a great help to protect people and their families.

As a small business, our capability is limited. We wish we could have the budget to donate the mask to the hospital, to give away the mask to people for free. But our cash flow and profitability would not allow us to do so. So, we are thinking if we can sell the mask to the people who are desperately in need of it and purchase more for the hospitals. 

We understand the market price of the mask is abnormal right now. Most people believe that mask sellers increase the price on purpose for earning unreasonable money during the special period. However, the truth is that the cost we purchased from the manufacturer is incredibly higher than usual. And I believe that mask manufacturers must be facing the problems of increasing the cost of material and labors in the meantime. Labor workers do not want to get back to the factory for mask producing unless the manufacturers promising 2-4 times of regular pay. Materials of making masks are in an unbelievable shortage at this moment. All in all, it is just how the market works.

We wish you all the best in this pandemic. Stay at Home. Wash your Hands. Wear your Masks. Keep Social Distance. Together, we can beat the virus.


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